Contemporary Art Writers Are Going on a Major Museum Tour

Up close and personal is the slogan for the trip that we have arranged for our contemporary art writers. is sending these full-time writer’s on a trip that will have them visiting four major US cities and some of the most important and largest museums and art collections the country has to offer. We are going to visit the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum in NYC, the Art Institute and the Field Museum in Chicago, the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. and the Getty Center in Los Angeles. There are over a million works displayed within these museums and if we get through half of them we will be doing well. is happy to fund this excursion because we are convinced that it will benefit our customers and make our writers job that much better. Seeing things in person is a lot better than viewing them on the internet or in books. We know our writer’s will be taking lots of notes.

There is a lot of excitement around the office at because some of our writers, those that work with contemporary art are going on a trip that we have put together. The writers who are going on the trip are making lists of the exhibits that they absolutely can’t miss and those staff members who are not going are making lists of places they would like photographed. We are hoping this trip goes well so we can plan future trips for other writers who can benefit from hands on experiences.

To learn more about our museum tour or about our pricing policies visit us at You can also get news and find out about our services there. works tirelessly to help you with your custom written papers. We offer numerous services including custom written papers, excellent editing and proofreading, and thorough research just to name a few.

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