is Encouraging Employees to Get Medical Exams to Promote Good Health is very aware of the fact that working constantly in front of a computer is dangerous for our writer’s health. We know that some of the potential problems include becoming overweight, passive lifestyle, and that eye problems are a concern too. In order to support our workers encourages its employees to go through medical examinations on a regular basis. We also are going to purchase special eye glasses that protect our employees who need them, these glasses will protect from the radiation that is inherent with computer usage. We have other programs in place to help keep our employees healthy such as seminars on exercises that can be done while working at your desk and how to eat more healthy for a sedentary job. wants to be known as an employer who truly values the people we have working for us. We also give reminders that encourage medical exams promoting overall good health. Sometimes making the time to get a physical just gets pushed aside in lieu of other commitments; however, if we remind all of our employees about this and make it a challenge it will become more of a priority.

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