Utopian Scifi Short Story Contest Stretches Writing Muscles

Most of the staff probably read science fiction, and thus, making that genre the focus of a short story contest makes sense. During the rush at the end of term, likes to shake things up a bit. Winners will take home some cash and an extra day off after the ‘high season’ is over. Everyone benefits: writers get a good workout at writing outside their comfort zone, and customers get the increased facility and flexibility that such practice provides.

‘High season’ is such a stressful time. Writers can really lose their edge if they are not stimulated with variety from time to time. has always been willing to throw our writers a challenge to get them out of any ruts they might be encountering. Science fictions shorts stories are a great way to prompt thinking outside of the usual. Everyone has read them, and few of us have written them. We chose the theme of utopias, and assigned our best-read staffers to do the judging. The winners are going to be able to loaf at home for an extra day, and get a bonus. Although few orders come through for such stories, our customers are going to profit from the process of creating something completely novel. Writing muscles need exercise just like any other muscles!

There are other such contests, and a list of our services, at

About Us: keeps things stirred up. Academic writing, for customers under great stress, is demanding. We know that, and we try to support our professional writing team; our chief asset. The results speak for themselves. Our customers tell us that we have enhanced their academic careers!

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