Phil Spector emerged from his house with blood on his hands, clutching…

Phil Spector emerged from his house with blood on his hands, clutching a gun and confessed to his driver ‘I think I killed somebody” on the night Lana Clarkson died, a Los Angeles court heard yesterday, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Adriano DeSouza, the music producer’s driver on the night of February 2, 2003, said he saw Spector emerge from the back door of his suburban mansion moments after hearing a sound he described as like a “pow”.

“As soon as I saw him opening the door I got out of the car,” said Mr DeSouza, who had returned to a Mercedes parked at the entrance to the house after briefly getting out to investigate the noise. “At that time he had a gun in his hand. It was a revolver.”

Asked by Alan Jackson, prosecuting, how Spector was holding the gun, Mr DeSouza said the producer held it in his right hand, close to his body. The driver stood and demonstrated with his index finger extended alongside to his chest.

Mr DeSouza told the court the pair were standing face to face and he “saw a little bit of blood” along the top of Spector’s right index finger. “Did he say anthing?” Mr Jackson asked “Yes,” Mr DeSouza replied. “He said ‘I think I killed somebody‘.”

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