Piracy Remains Largest Roadblock for Content Providers and Distribut…

Piracy Remains Largest Roadblock for Content Providers and Distributors to Gain Profitable Traction in Digital Marketplace

NEW YORK- LAWFUEL – Law News, Law Jobs Network –The results of a recent GE survey of nearly 100 media executives showed that only 10% of respondents believe increased litigation against individuals illegally acquiring and distributing pirated content to be a reasonable method of reducing the threat of piracy, signaling a sea change from reactive to proactive anti-piracy strategies.

The piracy-themed survey was conducted at the recent New Thinking for New Media symposium co-hosted by GE – Global Media & Communications and NBC Universal.

The consensus among the day’s presenters, which included senior leaders from Google, Microsoft, NBC Universal and Sony BMG, was that piracy remains the ultimate concern among media and entertainment companies eager to liberate content libraries and gain traction among users.

When asked their thoughts on how best to combat the piracy epidemic, 55% of respondents favored the development of new content protection technologies designed to impede the playback of pirated content. “The best way [to combat piracy] is to find a more secure means of distribution and managing the rights,” explained Paul Berriman, Head of Strategic Market Development, PCCW Limited. “Ultimately, through digital rights management, if it is contained from camera to couch, the complete value chain can be protected and make its way to the end-user.”

Another 41% agreed greater content availability across new digital platforms would help remedy the issue and in some cases introduce that content to new audiences in a profitable way. “Because of the ways users access information on the Web, content-owners have to be ubiquitous and not just resting in one place behind a walled garden,” said David Eun, VP – Content Partnerships, Google. “If you are going to distribute video to a network of thousands of websites, we believe you can do it in a way that enhances your brand while building a real business for yourself.”

The majority of respondents agreed with Eun. When asked in a separate question if syndicating video content across distribution platforms would decrease demand for pirated content or increase opportunities for pirates to steal content, 70% of respondents agreed it would indeed decrease demand.

Breakdown of Findings:

What will lead to significant reductions in pirated material? (Check all that apply)

55% – New technology that prevents playback of pirated content or filters copyright infringement

41% – Greater availability of content on new digital platforms

15% – Increased government regulation and enforcement of copyright laws

10% – Increased litigation against individuals illegally distributing pirated content

Will revenue-sharing agreements between video-sharing sites and entertainment conglomerates solve the copyright infringement issue?

80% – Yes

20% – No

Will syndicating video content across multiple distributors decrease demand for pirated content or will it increase the opportunities for pirates to steal content?

70% – Decrease demand for pirated content

30% – Increase opportunities for pirates to steal content

A video podcast featuring original one-on-one interviews with eight of the day’s presenters and a press release on the symposium is currently available on the GE – Global Media & Communications website at www.gegmc.com.

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