Police Case Against McCanns Appears To Be Crumbling

LAWFUEL – The LawFuel lead story – The police case against Kate and Gerry McCann for killing their daughter appeared to be crumbling today after a senior prosecutor said that Madeleine’s body must be found to secure a conviction, the Sunday Times reports.

The development came as the McCann family said that they expected to spend a year fighting to clear their names and that they would rather Madeleine was found dead than be left in the “awful limbo” position of not knowing what fate had befallen her. It is also thought that former military personnel are engaged in a series of searches to find the missing four-year-old.

António Cluny, president of the Portuguese public prosecutors’ service, said that it appeared that there was insufficient forensic evidence to prove that Madeline was killed by her parents.

His comments follow increasing reports in Portugal that samples taken from the McCanns’ apartment and hire car are inconclusive. Last week a judge said police had failed to gather new evidence to justify reinterviewing Madeleine’s parents.

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