Portable Cable Fault Locator

Toronto, Canada – GAO Instruments (www.GAOInstruments.com) has announced the release of its portable cable fault locator using TDR technology. This cable fault locator is commonly used in HFC systems and such applications as electric wire and cable manufacturing. It features a high definition backlit LCD screen, high automation and simple operation, a small test blind zone of less than 2m and a comparison test function.
This lightweight cable fault locator, model A0680005, can test line breaks and short circuit faults in twisted-pair cables, data cables, high frequency cables and coaxial cables. It accurately tests 25ohm, 50ohm, 75ohm and 100ohm cables and also provides an electronic map relevant to time domain. This rugged locator offers a pulse width from 270nm to 5.6μm and a wave range from 50m/μs to 300m/μs. Furthermore, the locator supports a minimum test distance of 2,000m in line short testing and 8,000m in line break testing.
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