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PORTLAND, Aug. 3, 2004 Read today’s legal news, law, law firm announcements & legal research articles at LAWFUEL New Forum for Discussing e-Discovery Issues and Rulings Marks Opening of General Discussion Boards for the Legal Community

discoveryresources.org, the premier electronic discovery resource portal for the legal industry, today announced the launch of the industry’s first-ever discussion board for judges specifically focused on electronic discovery. The new Judges’ Forum is part of discoveryresources.org’s new discussion boards now open to the legal community as a resource for gaining valuable insight on the rapidly changing world of e-discovery and a venue for sharing experiences with colleagues. The exclusive Judges’ Forum, where judges and their clerks can privately and objectively research, learn about and discuss issues surrounding electronic discovery, is the first of several group-specific forums to be introduced and supported on discoveryresources.org.

“The world of e-discovery is changing rapidly and so are the laws and issues associated with discovery requests,” said Julia Wotipka, editor of discoveryresources.org. “We’re extremely pleased to be able to expand our services to include an open forum where legal professionals can interact, discuss and share experiences with each other. We are especially excited about the opportunity to provide a valuable resource to members of the bench.”

According to Wotipka, the opening of the discussion board is very timely. With recent rulings, such as United States vs. Phillip Morris USA Inc., 2004 WL 1621752 (D.D.C) and Zubulake vs. UBS Warburg LLC, 2004 WL 1620866 (S.D. N.Y.), where spoliation and preservation of electronic evidence were key elements in the courts’ decisions, the discoveryresources.org Judges’ Forum offers a venue where these rulings can be discussed and applied in future cases. Wotipka said the Judges’ Forum and other discussion boards are being monitored and managed by a team of e-discovery experts — all former attorneys with years of experience in matters involving electronic discovery. These experts are available to answer questions on the latest issues and rulings that involve electronic discovery, as well as provide insight into the technological and service advancements available in today’s market.

The new e-discovery discussion boards are free to all members and can be accessed at www.discoveryresources.org.

About discoveryresources.org

discoveryresources.org (www.discoveryresources.org) is the only online resource portal solely focused on delivering the latest legal news, events and information on electronic discovery. The web portal was founded to provide the most up-to-date information on e-discovery, educate legal teams about the broadening scope of electronic evidence and its essential role in litigation, and help legal professionals evaluate relevant technological and legal issues associated with electronic discovery. discoveryresources.org receives sponsorships from companies like Fios(R) Inc., a tier-one provider of electronic discovery services. discoveryresources.org receives contributions from a variety of highly regarded web sites, as well as e-discovery content experts and companies providing specialized services to the industry.

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