Sponsors Art History Seminars to Stimulate and Inspire Our Writers

From Lascaux’s cave paintings to the evocative and powerful political works of Huang Yong Ping, art has power to move and inspire us. Here at, we take advantage of anything that spurs creativity for our writing staff. We’re planning a series of slide talks presenting art history as a sort of virtual world tour. This should stimulate the brain cells a bit. customers will be the beneficiaries of all this, as our writers make novel connections in their future work.

We would like to dispatch writing staff on regular sabbaticals to accomplish their intended purpose: refresh and renew the wellsprings of creative energy. Alas, this is not always practical, so we look for other means to keep our writers’ juices flowing. These upcoming seminars will address art trends well beyond Europe and America. For each era, we will try to show what was happening at the same time around the world. Showing contemporaneous developments powerfully demonstrates convergence and interaction among historical and cultural developments globally.

You can check out some of the other seminars we have mounted by clicking on our website, We have lots of other company news and for you to read, and a description of our services and pricing.

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