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PRINCETON, N.J.– LAWFUEL – The Law Jobs & Law Firm Newswire –David Wanetick, Managing Director of IncreMental Advantage, will discuss the subtle factors that account for professionals in a wide variety of pursuits reaching the pinnacle of success at the Law Firm Growth Management Seminar in New York City on May 15, 2007.

Tim Fleming, Marketing Director at IncreMental Advantage said, “The principals of IncreMental Advantage have worked closely with CEOs, CFOs, Presidents and members of boards of directors of both publicly-traded and privately held companies for 15 years. The research conducted during this time has revealed dozens of compelling common denominators that account for professionals reaching the acme of success in a vast array of pursuits. Mr. Wanetick will address these common denominators. Mr. Wanetick will also discuss a variety of historical incidents that highlight the power of embracing and leveraging incremental advantages that have had disproportionate impacts on world events.”

About this Conference:

IncreMental Advantage’s Law Firm Growth Management Seminar is a unique program designed to help business development professionals employed by business services firms grow their firms’ revenues and profits.

Further information about this conference can be obtained from or by contacting Neomi Barazani at [email protected] or 609-919-1895 ext. 100.

About IncreMental Advantage: IncreMental Advantage is a think tank that publishes breaking research developments on issues ranging from advertising to water utilities. Our research is highly regarded among institutional investors and senior executives from all over the world. The world’s largest companies sponsor and send their senior executives to our conferences. Our research and events are dedicated to helping senior executives and institutional investors achieve “IncreMental Advantages” in their fields of expertise. Visit IncreMental Advantage online at

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