PRINCETON, N.J.– LAWFUEL – The Law Newswire –Each year, 76 million…

PRINCETON, N.J.– LAWFUEL – The Law Newswire –Each year, 76 million Americans become sick from foodbourne illnesses. Recent food contamination scares have emanated from national restaurant chains, the produce industry and have arisen from the pet food industry.

The fact that the United States imports ever growing quantities of food – notably from countries with less than stringent food regulation such as China – indicates that foodbourne illnesses will become more pervasive.

However, the extent of the legal liabilities associated with food contamination for food producers, grocers and restaurants is inconclusive. Foodbourne illnesses seldom cause acute or extended illnesses. Since pets are considered property, their owners are not likely to collect significant damages for their medical complications resulting from ingesting contaminated food.

David Wanetick, Managing Director of IncreMental Advantage said, “We are pleased to have conducted a highly-informative conference call in which leading legal authorities discussed the legal liabilities associated with food safety deficiencies.”

Our panelists were:

Kirk Pasich, Partner, Dickstein Shapiro
William Kitchens, Managing Partner, Arnall Golden Gregory
Jeff Nelken, President, Food Safety Coach
Kurtis Reeg, Partner, Reeg & Nowogrocki
Among the issues discussed were:

Food Recalls
Insurance Coverage Issues
Recall Insurance
Risk-Based Inspections
Certifying class actions
Avian Flu Insurance
Laser Remediation
Strict Products Liability
Crisis Management Strategies
Reporting Processes
Information about obtaining an audio recording of this conference call or playback rights (available only until May 7, 2007) is available food-safety-deficiencies.aspx (Due to its length, this URL may need to be copied/pasted into your Internet browser’s address field. Remove the extra space if one exists.) or by contacting Neomi Barazani at 609-919-1895 ext. 100 or at [email protected]

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