REACH Technologies, the leading integrated IT solutions provider to th…

REACH Technologies, the leading integrated IT solutions provider to the soft goods industry participated in Global Entrepolis Singapore (GES) held in the first week of November.

Global Entrepolis is organized every year by Economic Development Board, Singapore Business Federation and Zenith Events Corporation Ltd.

GES is a great event for networking and has proved useful to participants from both small and large enterprises, start-ups and venture capitalist companies.

Nadathur Holdings & Investments, the private equity fund promoted by Mr. Nadathur S. Raghavan, Founder and Former Joint Managing Director of Infosys, an investor in REACH Technologies had organized the event in Singapore on “Profiting from Partnership & Investment Opportunities with Emerging Knowledge Enterprises in India”.

The Indian entrepreneurship ecosystem is nascent, and presents both challenges and opportunities. The seminar explored Indian venture investments at three levels.

First, Nadathur presented the entrepreneurial landscape in India, and illustrated its venture partnership model for investments.

Second, opportunities for partnerships & investments in the Life Sciences & Engineering Services sectors were examined. Third, REACH Technologies was showcased and experiences from ongoing partnerships were shared.

Mr. Shyam Raj, CEO, REACH Technologies spoke about the challenges faced by any industry today – that of diverse and rapid changes in customer choice, real-time information flow requirements and of sustained value creation in a changing environment.

He spoke about how partnerships are the way forward and the necessity to build a partner ecosystem to harness the opportunities available in the market and make unparalleled growth.

Participants in the seminar, benefited from first hand understanding of the entrepreneurship and investment climate in India.


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