Celebrates John Lennon’s Work with Lectures and Music in the Air honors John Lennon’s 70th by study his music its social context. It was a great chance for writers to Imagine a better world.

What a shock! John Lennon would have turned 70 this October. For many of us, Beatles music is literally the soundtrack of our lives. Although we missed the date, pulled together a celebration suitable both to his creativity and to our research orientation. writers are always looking for ways to deepen their understanding of the world around them and prepare themselves to work on ever more varied topics for our customers.

Outside music experts placed John Lennon’s music in context. They examined the formative influences of both British and American pop music. They also introduced us to some oft-neglected musicians. These included the British group The Shadows, bluesman Howling Wolf, and Buddy Hollie’s Crickets (who inspired the Beatles’ ambiguously insectoid name).

Several writers outlined the Beatles’ socio/historical background. They characterized the post-war generation, and highlighted early Beat generation themes of political protest.

All this intellectual ferment in the offices was accompanied by amateur efforts on the guitar, tea ceremonies in honor of Yoko Ono’s influence on Lennon’s work, and, of course, Beatles music in the air.

However, work continued apace on our customers’ writing projects. Writer enrichment and intellectual enjoyment never detract from’s primary goal of supporting our clients. You can read more about other special events by visiting our website at

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