Hires New Specialist in Reference Acquisitions to Enhance Research Capabilities’s research department will soon be home to a new colleague, a specialist in reference acquisitions (we bet you did not know that job description existed!). This individual will review the universe of available reference materials (most of which are online), and recommend purchases to’s management. We hope that the order that this will bring to the process will help our writers to remain entirely current with all their varied subject areas.

The world of reference works has undergone a dramatic shift over the last decade. Most scholarly publications have a electronic issue; some have only a digital version, and there are databases developing constantly which index journals, books, and other materials. The sheer volume of reference stuff has become too much for management to keep track of responsibly, so they have called in an expert. We now have someone in our Research Department whose task it is to read book reviews and discuss with other reference library professionals (yes, they have professional associations!) what books, journals, databases, and other resource materials are best for that year.

It is our hope that this will reduce duplication, and target our purchasing dollars to the most useful and credible products. Our goal is to keep our writers on top of developments in their respective academic and professional specialities. What they do with all that knowledge is another department’s problem!

You can find out more about’s ongoing drive to equip our writers with the best and most up-to-date resources for research and writing, at our website, There are customer service assistants to help you by phone or online, 24/7.

About has been developing its online team of writers, both specialists and generalists, for some years now. We have also been building our reference base, especially recently. The result of all this effort is that we can assist you with whatever writing project is giving you trouble. Come to us for editing, advice and guidance, model papers, and assistance with finding and citing references. We are here to help you, whatever the writing task.

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