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The writer’s at are sure that every writer needs to refresh their memory as to the proper rules of writing. With life being as hectic as it is writers can forget even the simplest rules sometimes. Therefore, several months ago, our writers released a manual on academic writing that contained all the basic and advanced rules of academic writing. The manual featured simple patterns, tables and algorithms that broke down the rules into an easy to see design. We posted this manual on the walls of our writing company. Since the manual has proven to be so useful we are going to share it with our customer’s. is creating and releasing an online manual of academic writing rules and this will be available in a downloadable format at our website soon.

Although there are numerous guides to academic writing rules available the manual by is put together in a new way that will be extremely easy to use. We are sure that our manual will become your instant favorite. writers have combined their efforts to share the basic and advanced rules of writing that they use every day. Some of the rules included in the book are; how to properly indicate possession, making the subject and the verb match, and how to write in the active voice.

News and events of our company, including the release date for our online manual, are available at, or if you like call our customer service support anytime day or night. is an academic paper writing service that constantly tries to look for ways to be the best for its. We started out as a small company but have grown into a trusted support service. offers help with writing custom papers, preparing for exams doing research, editing, and proofreading work you have written.

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