Ridgewood, NJ (PRWEB / LawFuel) June 21, 2006 -– FX Solutions (www.fxs…

Ridgewood, NJ (PRWEB / LawFuel) June 21, 2006 -– FX Solutions (www.fxsol.com), a U.S. – based foreign exchange brokerage firm that offers fully automated execution services, today announced details of the 2006 Forex World Cup Competition (www.finalforex.com).

To be eligible, contestants must have $1,000 or more in their live trading account as of 5 pm EST on July 7, 2006. The contest is designed to appeal to investors of all experience levels. Traders have the chance to test their strategies against thousands of other traders around the world while competing for over 60 cash awards and over $70,000 in prize money. Contestants will have the chance to win up to $30,000.

“After the success of the last two trading contests we are excited to be announcing the 2006 Forex World Cup Competition. We expect an even bigger turnout and a more intense competition,” says Samuel Carnahan, Chief Marketing Officer of FX Solutions, LLC. “We are not at all surprised by the increasing amount of turnout for our trading competitions. The forex marketplace is growing rapidly. Traders are taking advantage of the opportunities the forex markets offer such as the advantages of leverage and 24/7 market access, among other factors.”

All FX Solutions Live Account holders that meet the eligibility requirements will be placed into one of four brackets via random distribution and will compete in three one-week competitions. Five award winners will be selected from each of the four brackets from the Preliminary Competitions. Winners will be the competitors that have the greatest percentage increase in their account. Top contestants from the Preliminary Competition will be awarded amounts ranging from $250 to $1,500. On July 30, 2006, all Preliminary Competition winners will be combined into one bracket for the “Final Competition.” The three traders with the greatest percentage increase will be awarded $25,000 $15,000 and $10,000 respectively.

The top overall leaders and “weekly” competition winners will be updated on the FX Solutions Final Forex Championship web site, www.finalforex.com, every week. The winner of the Forex World Cup Championship will be announced on the Forex World Cup website, www.forexworldcup.com by August 24, 2006.

About FX Solutions
FX Solutions is a leading online foreign exchange (forex) brokerage serving self-directed individual investors. Leveraging a proprietary interbank market price feed, FX Solutions executes more than 99 percent of customer trades with no human intervention, offering faster price discovery, tighter and more consistent spreads and better transparency than they get with other forex brokers.

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