Ron Paul And The Gathering Of Free Minds

Are You Concerned About Your Investment Wealth, Falling Home
Equity & Economic Liberty in Our Meltdown Economy & 2008 Election Year? You should be and we have two conferences to help address these real concerns with protective solutions!

Breaking News: Today Ron Paul Just Confirmed To Speak at FreedomFest 2008

My name is Ron Holland & I’m Concerned About My Assets in This Scary Economy! –
New fears of stagflation, skyrocketing oil prices, the falling dollar, the American housing & credit meltdown and panicky financial markets are the key ingredients in a potential nightmare scenario that could end up being far more than just an ordinary recession. Add to this the future terrorism risks, the uncertainties of the 2008 election and the global instability in foreign affairs and you have 9 reasons why global diversification is so important today. Successful investors should protect and grow some of their wealth outside the narrow confines of American real estate, investment markets, our legal and regulatory system and the dollar before it is too late!

Who would have thought home prices would fall 8.9 % in the final quarter of 2007. Or that the Swiss Franc would almost reach parity with the US dollar as its status as the world’s reserve currency evaporates as quickly as your housing equity, reasonable gas prices or our civil liberties and financial freedoms since 9/11. I want to invite you to join us at two upcoming conferences on the coast of in Belize and our FreedomFest Conference in Las Vegas.

First Learn To Protect Your Wealth – Join Tami and I along with Mark Skousen, Peter Zipper, President of Caye International Bank and other speakers and experts at the Belize Financial Advantage Conference at the Princess Hotel & Casino on the March 26 – 30, 2008. This will be a small, private, intimate conference that combines finance, investments and economics with interesting excursions around Belize from the jungles to the beach.

Here you will learn how to profit from the dollar weakness and benefit from global diversification to protect your wealth and reduce dependence on the dollar and American investment and real estate markets. For more details go to the following URL and read the additional conference details but time is short so call or e-mail Tami today for more details.

Second, Defend & Expand Your Liberty – Join us and 100 plus speakers and over a thousand attendees at FreedomFest 2008. This is an annual festival described in many ways: The world’s largest gathering of free minds…..The Trade Show for Liberty….An intellectual feast in a fun town…Three glorious days of “great ideas, great books, and great thinkers.” FreedomFest invites the “best and the brightest” from around the world to talk, strategize, socialize, and celebrate liberty and we want you to join us. In addition most of the speakers in Belize will also participate in the financial topics covered at the conference. See for more information. Act fast because the Early Bird Special Registration Rate ends March 15, 2008.

We hope to see many of you at the conferences. You can call Tami Holland toll-free at 866-266-5101 or e-mail her at [email protected] if you have questions or to register for either conference.

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