Ron Paul And The ‘Money Bombs’ – Let’s Support BJ Lawson

During my presidential campaign, we set records and shocked the political establishment with “Money Bombs.” Individuals came together and pooled their contributions, large and small, to make a huge splash on one day. And, boy, did the Washington fat cats take notice!
Today, I am asking you to do the same for my friend B.J. Lawson. Will you make a contribution at

I need B.J. in Congress with me to stand up for liberty and limited government, and against the Patriot Act and Wall Street bailouts.
B.J. Lawson is a terrific candidate, and will make a wonderful Congressman. But he needs your help, and time is urgent.

Today marks the four week countdown to November’s election. The Lawson campaign needs money today to buy radio ads, TV commercials and mail to undecided voters. If we band together today, we can send B.J. Lawson to Congress.

Your generous contribution made at would be a tremendous gift for the cause of Liberty. Can you help today?

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