Ron Paul Asked To Investigate Possible FEC Finance Fraud By McCain

Supporters of Ron Paul are requesting that he do something about the allegations that John McCain has violated FEC laws.

Blogs and newspapers have received ‘open letters’ urging the libertarian Republican presidential candidate to examine the allegations, which allege McCain violated the FEC finance law by:

1. Acquire a loan from theMaryland-based Fidelity & Trust Bank to the tune of $4 million.

2. Bypass signature requirements to get on multiple State Ballots

There are also allegations that the Senator sent in a request to get out of the matching funds program after Februarys Super Tuesday primaries. Doing this while knowing that the FEC was in a forced recess and would not be able to vote on the Senators request. This would allow him if approved to spend over the the FEC matching fund spending cap.

Their principal query: did Senator McCain commit fraud by securing a loan as well as placement on state primary ballots by willingly using the Matching funds program as collateral then willingly request to cancel the request for that collateral?

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