Ron Paul Moves Into The Inner Circle

Washington D.C. 9/13/2007 LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – Ron Paul. Conservative Republican from Texas and a failed Libertarian party presidential candidate in 1988 is on the edge of moving into the inner circle of partisan politics. Many younger Americans with an eye towards moving the country back to a time before Washington became a town of excesses are using untraditional methods of pushing their favorite candidate.

According to USA Election Polls (, Ron Paul is polling lower than last month but because he is only polling at 1% that could be due to statistical aberrations. He is gaining in New Hampshire and is at 5% according to the latest poll.

Spurred by internet web logs and fueled by internet new sources, supporters of Ron Paul are downright passionate about the man and his message. He is proud of his stand against big government, for low taxes and against foreign involvement. With the increase in federal spending in the past six years his message is ringing loud for many of the country’s younger voters. He was the only Republican to vote against the war in Iraq and remains a loyal opponent to its continuation.

While turning his back on his own party’s involvement in putting U.S. troops in Iraq may be seen as a benefit in light of Bush’s falling ratings due to the war, some of his other more radical ideas may not be doing him any good. His call to downsize the government, specifically by doing away with the Departments of Education and Energy and the Internal Revenue Service may not sit well with voters that are more conservative.

A former Air Force flight surgeon and OB-GYN, his votes against abortion, gun control as well as the death penalty and military appropriations has earned him the moniker “Dr. No” on capital hill. Yet, in true Paul fashion, he will not apologize for his beliefs or his votes.

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