Ron Paul Moves Liberal Thinking Center Stage – Thank God

LAWFUEL – Whatever the outcome of Ron Paul’s campaign, his contribution to America in making it re-examine its whole meaning and purpose, is something that has already become an air-freshener for the country at war with others, its economy and many of its interest groups. The fact that Ron Paul can be considered a radical for adhering to founding principles of the Republic – small government, international responsibility, individual freedom and other freedoms, is something of an indictment on the way Americans think today.

Ron Paul has brought the Libertarian movement center stage. He has made Americans remember that being Right-thinking is not loony. He has stood up to pillars of thought on government and its role in a manner that reminds everyone that government is there to serve the people, not vice versa.

Many will say, Republicans included, that Ron Paul cannot win. Maybe. But the fact is that apart from the size of support he has garnered, despite his outstanding fundraising efforts, many ‘silent supporters’ are just too afraid to be seen endorsing someone regarded as advocating nutty ideas.

If Americans want to continue mired in debt and Big Government and even bigger, unwinnable wars, then go the way of the conventional politicians with their baggage and bad ideas. If they want something that appears new, fresh and honest – yet only enshrines the founding fathers’ princples, then Ron Paul is without doubt, their man.

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