Ron Paul Moving to New Zealand. Great, We Say.

Abelardo J. Arias writes in the Nolan Chart that Ron Paul should perhaps move and the Libertarians should move to New Zealand, or New Hampshire out of desperation and hopelessness.

Well, as a New Zealand-based organization, we’d love to have some libertarians in our midst. America’s loss; our gain. Liberty, fraternity, antipodeas.

The Arias article:

Perception is reality; or so the mainstream media would have you believe.

First, they said Ron Paul was a “fringe” candidate. Then they attacked him with outdated newsletters taken out of context. Then they just ignored him as more money rolled into his campaign war-chest. Then they ignored his wins in various primaries up to and including Super Tuesday. Now they say (including some of his supporters) that his campaign is finished.

What is going on? Should the Revolution quit? Should we move to New Zealand or New Hampshire only out of desperation and hopelessness?

My friends, Ron Paul had a great night on Super Tuesday. I’m smiling about it. Here’s why:

As a long time admirer of Ron Paul I never dreamed he would have gotten this far. As a past admirer of the Republican Liberty Caucus I never thought a civil libertarian would actually participate in over a dozen GOP presidential debates and challenge the status quo of fiat money inflation, perpetual war and a sinking economy. As a supporter of ballot access I never dreamed a former Libertarian Party candidate would actually win one delegate to the GOP nominating convention.

Ron Paul has thus far exceeded my expectations. He was woken up thousands of Americans. He has cured countless cases of apathy (including mine). He has broken nearly every single rule of traditional campaigning and is just now beginning to reap rewards in his carefully planned strategy.

Do you think Dr. Paul had no inkling of the low percentage numbers in the polls? I’m sure he’s more aware of those numbers and has them memorized. Yet, he is pushing full steam ahead. He is amassing a formidable group of leaders on his campaign staff. Is Ron Paul out of teach with reality? Hardly.

The MSM only projects where they think the delegates will go. The GOP race is so wide open it is killing the media. They want to crown the candidate prince now. They are so proud that they resurrected John McCain from the dead that they are salivating to end the GOP Primary and get to the upcoming Hillary showdown. And then they are going to turn on McCain and chew him up for breakfast in a Hillary love fest.

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