Ron Paul Supporters Push Agenda Successfully In Texas

Ron Paul supporters may have succeeded in pushing their agenda at the state GOP convention, the Star-Telegram reports.

Supporters of Paul, a congressman from Surfside who got 4.5 percent of the votes in the presidential primary, tried to overwhelm the senate district-level conventions by sheer numbers. The party regulars, aware that Paul’s supporters won a similar campaign in Missouri, brought in extra troops of their own.

Paul’s supporters oppose GOP presidential nominee John McCain and want to push the party toward Paul’s brand of conservatism, including reigning in federal spending, ending the Iraq war and abolishing the federal reserve and other government agencies. Any delegates to the state convention will be required to support McCain, but they could still vote for changes in the state party platform.

Peace broke out early at the Senate District 12 convention.

Convention chairman Tom Quinones worked out a deal to give the Paul camp delegates based on their numbers. Chad Bishop, a Paul delegate, gave a speech seconding Quinones’ nomination, saying the district’s “conservative heritage is not lost on us.”

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