Ron Paul The Maverick Of The GOP Continues His Revolution

While there has not been much media coverage on Representative Ron Paul of Texas since Senator John McCain or Arizona has become the presumed GOP nominee, Paul has not retreated into the shadows. Instead, Paul has revealed himself to be the dark horse or possibly the “true” maverick of the GOP, reports

So far, Paul has refused to endorse the candidacy of McCain. For anybody that has kept track of the Republican debates, Paul seemed to have stood out from the rest of the candidates. Paul was the only GOP presidential hopeful that was against the war in Iraq. Though Paul did not even come close to getting the GOP nomination, he still remained the maverick.

In short, Paul had gone up against the grain of the current image of the GOP. Unlike the other former GOP hopefuls, Paul has not endorsed McCain. Paul has said that he would refuse to endorse any candidate that is for the war in Iraq. Iraq has been the main platform for the campaign for McCain.

So far, Iraq has managed to make it back into the focus. But, that issue is under heavy competition with the issue of the economy.

In regards to the Ron Paul Revolution, it has been gaining followers. Such new followers are Leon Lim and his wife Ranjani Powers of Ohio. The couple said that they were planning to move away from the Iraq War and Patriot Act. But, the Ron Paul Revolution has given them a reason to stay.

On May 18, Ron Paul’s book “The Revolution: A Manifesto” showed up on the New York Times bestseller list. But, sales had already dropped. Still, the Ron Paul Revolution continues to gain supporters.

With the current image of the GOP going down the toilet, the GOP may have a lot to be concerned about in regards to the Ron Paul Revolution. So far, McCain has yet to get support from the conservative bloc of the GOP.

This is something McCain should not discount.

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