Ron Paul’s Big Day – One Step Closer to “President Paul”

LAWFUEL – The Ron Paul fund raiser campaign keeps getting stronger, with the latest campaign raising $3.7 million since midnight, according to fundraising director Jonathan Bydlak.

“Over 30,000 of your fellow Americans have made a contribution today, including more than 13,000 who have done so for the first time”, he reported to supporters.

“As always, you’re helping Ron Paul blow past everyone’s expectations and moving Dr. Paul one step closer to President Paul. We’re all honored to be a part of this historic campaign. We have nothing but admiration for the support that each of you gives everyday to Ron Paul and the cause of freedom.

“How high can we go? Who knows! If you’ve been considering making a donation to our campaign, please help us shatter every possible fundraising record by donating today:”

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