Ron Paul’s Buzz Factor Sets Iowa Caucuses Alight – And Rand Paul Carries the Banner Too – Republican candidate Ron Paul is having his day in the sun with the Iowa caucuses runoff and looks set to remain one of the candidates with the highest ‘buzz-factor’ in the GOP presidential field.

Whether or not Texas Rep. and libertarian Ron Paul will actually win the Iowa caucuses on Tuesday he still draws the highest reactions from those observing and participating in the caucuses.

Although many dismiss the candidate as someone who is too old, too conservative and too darned hard to accept for a bunch of reasons, he still has a highly organized campaign and an army of supporters who would do anything for him.

Ron Paul’s organization has been through all of this before, but now they seem more ready than ever, and Ron Paul’s campaign is boosted by his son Rand Paul who is set to carry the banner for the Paul campaign into elections yet to come.

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