Ron Paul’s Rally Draws Strong Response

LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – There are five presidential candidates in New Hampshire today, but few will be like a rally for Ron Paul.

At a large downtown park in Manchester about 250 people from several states gathered to hear Paul, meet 30 members of his family, and even sing a long to the official campaign song.

Mitt Romney’s campaign is known for using his large family to aid in the campaingn, but Dr. Paul has five children, 18 grand-children and one great-grandchild of his own.

While introducing his father, Rand Paul, a Kentucky physician, pretended to take a phone call.

“Oh Rudy Giuliani how are you,” Paul joked. “Oh what’s that? You don’t have any members of your family who want to campaign for you and you want to borrow ours?”

When Paul took the stage he was not speaking to a typical Republican audience. When he mentioned President Bush the crowd booed. The biggest applause lines were ones against the Patriot Act and, believe it or not, for eliminating the Federal Reserve.

After the rally his family members and supporters began to canvass neighborhoods on Paul’s behalf.

Paul also held campaign stops in Henniker and Hanover.

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