Ron Paul’s Super Tuesday Plea To Take The Republic Back

LawFuel – The Ron Paul campaign have made a push for full support for the Super Tuesday voting to finish the job with a ‘full force get-out-the-vote’ effort.

In a letter to supporters, the campaign has said:

“Go to the polls and vote as early as possible tomorrow. Wear a sticker to show your support for Ron Paul. Take some literature and, if you have time-make time if possible-help pass out literature outside the polls.

“Call your friends and family and other Ron Paul supporters. Urge them to vote for Ron Paul, and to do it as early as they can. You’ll be receiving calls as well, including automated calls from Dr. Paul and calls from Precinct Leaders who have identified you as a Ron Paul voter. Every vote counts-because every vote for Dr. Paul is a vote for the Constitution and against unlimited government intervention at home and abroad.

“Tomorrow is a critical battle in a fight that will continue far beyond Feb. 5. We’re poised to do very well in states with caucuses: already Dr. Paul has won a string of second-place finishes in the early caucus states of Nevada, Louisiana (where the final numbers might be even better, once the many election irregularities are ironed out), and now Maine, where we finished a close second to Mitt Romney in number of delegates run. The delegates, not the results of the presidential preference straw polls are what counts.

“That’s true in primary states, too. The primary itself may determine how delegates must vote in the first rounds of voting at the Republican National Convention. But national delegates are not chosen tomorrow: they’re chosen by a series of conventions at the congressional district and state level. These delegates may be “bound” to vote for the winner of the state primary in the first rounds of voting at the Republican National Convention-but they are not necessarily “owned” by the primary winner. Ron Paul does not have to finish first to get our delegates into the congressional district and state conventions-and then into the Republican National Convention.

“There are two battles to be fought in every primary state. The first is to win the primary. The second is to win the delegates. Since the delegates are only bound to the primary results in the early rounds of voting at the Republican National Convention, in a brokered convention with several rounds of voting, Ron Paul delegates will be free to vote for-of course-Ron Paul.

“Our goal tomorrow is to win every vote we possibly can for Ron Paul. Not a single one is wasted, because a vote for Ron Paul is a rejection of the path America has been on-the path toward empire and bankruptcy-and an affirmation of the course set by our nation’s Founders. We have a very good shot at the top slots in the caucus states, and even if Ron Paul doesn’t finish first in the winner-take-all primaries tomorrow, he can still win national delegates from those states later.

“This fight won’t be won, or lost, in a day-but it begins in earnest tomorrow. What Ron Paul asks of you is to get out and vote, and make sure that other Ron Paul supporters in your state do the same. Together, we can take this Republic back.”

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