Ron Paul’s Third Party Foothold Looks Like A Sure Bet

LawFuel – Ron Paul continues to shatter fund-raising records as his poll-raising and fund-raising efforts raise eyebrows.

One of the surprising features about the ‘small government’ candidate is that he is not sponsoring events himself or using professionals to fund raise. Rather, the money is coming in from a not-so-small army of supporters who have already broken the one-day record with online donations of $4.2 million.

A December 16 Boston Tea Party event is set to shatter even that record.

The Ron Paul campaign is, among other things, demonstrating the capacity of an independent campaign running on the Republican ticket to gain a strong foothold among the people. It is clear that he is also attracting a lot of hitherto ‘depoliticized’ or non-political supporters who respond to his message of removing taxes, reducing government and becoming disinvolved in foreign wars.

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