Samurai Sword Survivor Will Gladly Go Back To Court To Put Accused Away Again

LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – The NZ Herald reports that the only man to survive unscathed from Antonie Dixon’s 11-hour, drug-fuelled reign of terror says he will gladly head back to court to “put him away again”.

Dixon was jailed for life in March 2005 after a rampage that left one man dead and two women with horrific injuries from a samurai sword attack.

His final act of the January 2003 frenzy – before he was caught by police – was to burst into Ian Miller’s home and hold him hostage for more than four hours.

The Court of Appeal yesterday quashed the convictions and ordered a new trial. The reasons for the decision have been suppressed.

Defence lawyers challenged the convictions, citing a number of factors that they believed contributed to a miscarriage of justice for Dixon. And Barry Hart hopes to get his client freed on bail as soon as possible.

He told TVNZ: “He’s presumed to be innocent … The moment the convictions have been overturned he’s back to where he was at the beginning of the trial.”

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