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SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 28 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network — LegalMatch, the nation’s premiere provider of online legal services, today announced record growth in both its consumer legal case submissions and its attorney membership. The latest
figures reveal a 41 percent increase in new cases and a 13 percent rise in
attorney membership over comparable figures for 2004.

The latest statistics reinforce LegalMatch’s growing dominance in this
highly competitive sector. The company’s strong performance has resulted from
a powerful Internet marketing strategy that has helped to expand membership in
its attorney network and drive consumer case submissions to record levels.
This success also demonstrates LegalMatch’s ability to leverage the Internet
and consolidate its leadership position in the marketplace.

“Our phenomenal growth reflects a real public demand for a streamlined,
reliable way to find legal representation,” said Laurie Ziffrin, CEO of
LegalMatch. “In a litigious world, people recognize the Internet as a smart,
economical way to protect their rights.”

Customer satisfaction with LegalMatch recently surged to an all-time high,
with nearly 97 percent of successfully-matched consumers declaring that they
would use the LegalMatch again. On the attorney side of the equation, many
solo practitioners had been dissatisfied with traditional client acquisition
channels such as the Yellow Pages, which can’t provide the in-depth
information and time- and cost-efficiency of the LegalMatch solution. For its
member attorneys, LegalMatch opens a vast reservoir of pre-screened clients
sent via email. Attorneys see more cases — and more desirable cases.

In a business environment that continually tests its successes, LegalMatch
continues to widen its lead via targeted marketing programs and partnerships
with some of America’s most prestigious legal organizations, including the
American Trial Lawyers Association (ATLA) and The National Association of
Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL).

The Utah State Bar Association has relied on LegalMatch since early 2004,
noting that it has already reduced operational costs and, more importantly,
pleased attorney members and served the public more effectively. LegalMatch
makes the point that online screening is, in many cases, superior to
traditional approaches to attracting clients for Bar Associations, offering a
more efficient instrument for focusing members’ practices.
Another issue helping to drive consumer numbers is the fact that online
matching empowers an underrepresented middle class-people who can’t afford to
be wasteful when hiring an attorney. “People have to make their investment in
legal services count,” said Don Keane, vice president of marketing at
LegalMatch. “That’s why they appreciate LegalMatch helping them cut through
all the noise and find the attorney who is right for them.” To further support
and inform consumers, the LegalMatch Web site is evolving into a comprehensive
destination for legal information, offering lively blogs and forums as well as
an expanding online law library and other easily accessible resources.

About LegalMatch
Established in 1999, with a formal site-launch in 2000, LegalMatch is the
nation’s premiere provider of online legal services. LegalMatch is the best
place for consumers to find the right attorney and for attorneys to build and
focus a practice. Corporate offices are located in San Francisco and Los
Angeles. For more information regarding the company or this initiative, please
contact Don Keane, Vice-President of Marketing at (415) 946-0855.

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