Scott + Scott, LLC Current Class Cases Being Litigated and Investigate…

Scott + Scott, LLC Current Class Cases Being Litigated and Investigated

Colchester, CT/ September 1, 2005—Scott + Scott, LLC, ( a complex litigation firm with a national practice updates its clients in America Host (NasdaqSC: CAFÉ) or (NasdaqSC: CAFEW) that it was reported yesterday that America Host would begin trading again at 10:00 am EST. Other stocks of note include Boston Scientific (August 10, 2005 letter from the FDA said recent inspections had revealed serious regulatory problems). Investors Financial Services Corporation (NASDAQ:IFIN) was filed on August 4, 2005 due to alleged improper accounting practices. Universal Health (NYSE:UHS) delivered a big miss instead of the huge upside that reassured investors one quarter ago. Countryside’s (NYSE:CFC) high reliance on gain-on-sale income is an indication of less confidence in earnings progression. Hutchinson Technology (NASDAQ : HTCH) fell 17% Tuesday as gross margins were expected to be between 19% and 23% as opposed to 28% and 30%.

Mercury Interactive (NASDAQ:MERQE) will restate its financial results back to 2002 through 2005 after a special audit committee found a problem in the stock option grants.
Symbol Technologies (NYSE:SBL) fell on or about August 1, 2005 after it was discovered that the Company had insufficient internal controls and that its expenses were understated. Mannnatech, Inc. (NSDAQ: MTEX) was the subject of lawsuits due to alleged conspiracy to commit fraud by its sales associates, amongst other things, and its stock plummeted on May 9, 2005. Finally, Isolagen (AMEX:ILE), watched its stock price tumble 45% after it was disclosed on August 1, 2005 that the data gathered by its clinical trials would never meet the FDA criteria.

If you wish to discuss this action or have questions concerning this notice or your rights as a class member, you may contact for more information: Scott + Scott partner Neil Rothstein at [email protected] (800/332- 2259, ext. 22 or cell 619/251-0887). Scott + Scott, LLC will provide you with case materials answer all questions regarding your participation and rights and assist you with other services that the firm provides. There is no cost or fee to you.

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