Scott + Scott, LLC Update: Cases Filed, Under Investigation and Being …

Scott + Scott, LLC Update: Cases Filed, Under Investigation and Being Litigated

Cases Include DHB, Halliburton, Diebold, Guidant, Boston Scientific, Host America and Lattice Semiconductor

Colchester, CT, September 27, 2005—Scott + Scott, LLC ( hereby announces the status and certain facts of cases filed and recently filed, those under investigation by the firm at shareholder request and those currently in litigation. Scott + Scott is lead counsel for plaintiffs in the Halliburton Securities Litigation. Currently, the Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss the Complaint has been argued and lead plaintiff, AMS Fund, Inc., a non-profit charitable foundation and various named plaintiffs like Lt. Col. Ben Alan Murphy and absent class members everywhere await the result of this motion. Officers and directors of Halliburton, some of whom are defendants like CEO David. J. Lesar, have been very busy. Since April 15, 2005, Mr. Lesar has disposed (sold or otherwise) of over $18 million. In the last six months, Halliburton insiders have sold just under $60 million.

If you would like to speak to an attorney regarding any of the matters stated in this release, please contact Scott + Scott partner Neil Rothstein ([email protected]) anytime at 619/251-0887. Neil and attorney Amy Saba can also be reached at 800/332-2259. In the morning, our Connecticut office can take your calls at 800/404-7770.The firm, based in Connecticut, also has offices in California and Ohio.

Scott+Scott, LLC represents investors in a security class action filed in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts (Case Number 05-cv-11912-JLT) against Boston Scientific Corporation (“Boston Scientific”). Boston Scientific securities purchasers between March 31, 2003 and August 23, 2005, inclusive (the “Class Period”) are putative class members. The complaint alleges that Boston Scientific provided highly explicit false and misleading assurances of the Company’s ability to satisfy FDA regulations governing its medical device product quality, as well as affirmative representations as to the Company’s knowledge and expertise regarding design, development, marketing approval and sales of its medical devices. Allegations in the complaints that have been filed allege huge inside trading. For more information, please see

Scott + Scott is also working actively on the case against Guidant. More information on this case can be found at

Other recently filed cases or those that are time sensitive and under investigation include Investors Financial Services Corporation, also known as IFIN, Diebold, Mercury Interactive Corporation, Unisys, Tempur-Pedic Int’l, ATI Technologies, Inc. and more.

Scott+Scott, LLC litigates cases throughout the nation. The firm dedicates itself to client communication and satisfaction and currently is litigating major securities, antitrust and employee retirement plan actions throughout the United States. The firm represents pension funds, charities, foundations, individuals and other entities worldwide. The firm has been appointed lead counsel in cases against such companies as ImClone, Emulex, Royal Dutch-Shell, General Motors, Commerce Bancorp and more. The firm currently has a derivative action against certain officers and directors of Lattice Semiconductor. The firm’s client, Ron Tonkin of Ron Tonkin Motors (“RTN, Inc.”), based in Portland, Oregon has stepped forward with the power of over 200,000 common shares held for over twenty years and the expertise of our firm to attempt some of the most challenging and cutting edge corporate governance changes since the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was enacted.

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