SEATTLE, Oct. 14 2004 LAWFUEL – Law, law technology, legal, …

SEATTLE, Oct. 14 2004 LAWFUEL – Law, law technology, legal, attorney, law firm newsDocuSign, Inc., the leading online
signing service, today announced the first-ever complete web service for
signing documents online. A revolutionary new way to accelerate business
transactions, through DocuSign any business requiring a document with a
legally-binding signature can easily complete the transaction electronically
in seconds, eliminating the need to print copies and have them physically
delivered for signature.

The DocuSign online signing service is unique because, unlike other
signature services requiring recipients to have complex digital certificates,
pen tablets or specialized software, it requires no integration and documents
are supported from any Windows application. In addition, DocuSign is totally
compliant with federal ESIGN legislation, which gives electronic documents and
signatures the same legal standing as paper documents and ink signatures.

“DocuSign is simply the fastest way to get a signature,” said Court
Lorenzini, DocuSign president and CEO. “Any document from any application can
now be sent electronically for signature, and the recipient only needs email
and a browser to sign. We’ve finally broken through the usability barrier
that has prevented the adoption of e-signatures. This has profound
implications for any business that needs documents signed. The DocuSign
online signing service is the most efficient and cost-effective way to get
business done,” he added.

DocuSign can be adopted quickly because the service itself is very easy to
use and so seemingly familiar. Any business can log on to
and establish an instant or corporate account. The sender then ‘prints’
documents from any Windows application into a DocuSign Envelope, where
contents are encrypted and stored on a secured server, and simply drags yellow
‘sign-here’ and ‘initial here’ Stick-eTabs(TM) onto the document to ensure a
complete and correct signing every time. Recipients are then invited via
email to authenticate and securely review documents, and then sign or initial
where indicated. Each user receives a unique and secure DocuSign Electronic
Signature and then clicks to place this signature and initials where required.

DocuSign emails all signers a printed or electronic copy of the completed
documents, along with a Certificate of Signing, which outlines the evidence of
the signature process. The service maintains 100% audit control over the
entire process, complete with time-stamping for all steps and a transaction

For more information, visit

For more information, please contact Mark Benhard of Tonic Brand
Communications, +1-805-230-1080, for DocuSign, Inc.

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