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The Sexiest Man in Law, or Not?

Anyone for a law firm shoot?  As in smart pictures, celebrity endorsements and anything else that can make your law firm site truly shine?

Well, we’ve had all of that with a lot of law firms but now a firm from Russia has surely taken the cake.  The website has the partners and staffers posing for something  between GQ and Mens’ Health.

The site looks more like a soft-core dating site for over-heated men, but no, it is in fact a law firm.  Vanguard has a full gallery you can check if you wish.  As

Russian Lawyer2

The principal Pavlov has serious Tindr or movie aspirations and has spent a lot of time and hair gel on his firm shoot.

Russian Lawyer5

A touch of feminine sensitivity and sexuality is all that’s required to put your files in order.  A golden touch, firm but subtle.  Imagine the briefs.

Russian Lawyer6

Looking for pure sophistication?  An Oligarch in need of the appropriately styled lawyer?  He’s your man.

Russian Lawyer3

Part of the wardrobe shoot.  This guy will walk anywhere for you.

Russian Lawyer4

Serious now.  Pavlov can turn mean in or out of Court so don’t come on all desperate.

Russian Lawyer7

The firm has a reviews section and talks of perfection and the beauty of what they do.

So, there’s some inspiration for your firm just when you needed it.  Get the light reflectors and cameras ready.  And line up a shoot in the corner office.

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