‘Site Exposure Matrices’ database will help eligible claimants ob…

‘Site Exposure Matrices’ database will help eligible claimants obtain

WASHINGTON, March 19 LAWFUEL – Energy Law – The U.S. Department of Labor today announced public availability of a database to provide
information on toxic substance and chemical exposure at facilities covered under Part E of the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation
Program Act.

In an ongoing effort to obtain and organize exposure data for all
covered Part E facilities, the department’s Division of Energy Employees
Occupational Illness Compensation has constructed a database called the
Site Exposure Matrices (SEM) to act as a repository of information about
toxic substances present at covered facilities.

The site contains toxic substance exposure information related to
Department of Energy (DOE) and Radiation Exposure Compensation Act
facilities. To assist compensation applicants in obtaining evidence of
exposure in the workplace, the Labor Department has compiled records on
more than 1,900 toxic substances at 24 major DOE sites, as well as more
than 4,000 uranium mines and 48 uranium mills.

“We want to get money into the hands of eligible claimants as quickly
as possible,” said Shelby Hallmark, director of the Labor Department’s
Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs. “The department created this
database to help injured workers and their families get information they
need, as well as to provide an avenue for workers to offer feedback and
tips on where and when toxic substances were used at covered facilities.”

The SEM database will be continually updated as new exposure evidence
is identified and additional covered sites are evaluated.

The SEM Web site can be accessed at http://www.sem.dol.gov. Individuals
can send e-mail comments regarding the site from a form located there or by
writing directly to [email protected] Those who wish to submit
comments by mail should write to the Site Exposure Matrices Administrator,
P.O. Box 1181, Columbus, OH 43216-1181.

U.S. Labor Department releases are accessible on the Internet at
http://www.dol.gov. The information in this news release will be made
available in alternate format (large print, Braille, audio tape or disc)
from the COAST office upon request. Please specify which news release when placing your request at (202) 693-7828 or TTY (202) 693-7755. The U.S. Department of Labor is committed to providing America’s employers and
employees with easy access to understandable information on how to comply
with its laws and regulations. For more information, please visit

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