Smart And Trendy Fleur De Lis

The symbolic trend of the fleur-de-lis jewelry began with jewellery and has now escalated into clothing. Great Fleur De Lis Apparel has been hitting online stores and retail locations all over the country. This new fashion craze is also creating a stir with celebrities as well. As the hip Fleur De Lis began making its way into stores and seen photographed on celebrities, it was originally jewellery such as earrings and necklaces that made the symbol so popular. Now the trend has moved into beautiful Fleur De Lis clothing and apparel items that all bare the unique emblem.

Choosing clothing that is trendy and popular is always fun. While many different items are available in stores now. The three most popular items of Fleur De Lis clothing is:

• Fleur De Lis Belts
• Fleur De Lis Caps
• Fleur De Lis Shirts

Fleur De Lis Belts have been on the scene lately in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles. Rhinestone studded buckles often accompany the belts and are simply stunning in design and detail. Most Fleur De Lis belt buckles can be used with other belts making it a great way to start off your collection. While some buckles can be sold separately, the combination of the belt and the buckle is attractive and makes a beautiful fashion statement. While leather or satin belts may seem standard, a chain link belt with an attached Fleur De Lis buckle is a unique and fashionable choice. Most Fleur De Lis belts come in a variety of sizes, allowing everyone to take advantage of the trend.

Fleur De Lis Caps have become so popular with ladies that manufacturers are having a hard time keeping up. Baseball caps and hats have become the favourite of most shoppers giving them the ability to be hip even while wearing a hat. Most caps have a rhinestone studded fleur-de-lis Bath Décor on the front of cap showing off a fashion style that everyone wants to follow. Other unique designs offer a studded and rhinestone design that covers the front and bill of the caps putting a chic twist on the hats. The caps themselves come in a large number of colours, including pink, chocolate brown, and black, just to name a few. A nice feature of the caps is that some of the Fleur De Lis designs sit straight on the front and some sit to the side. You can find the one that fits your personality best choosing your favourite design and colour. Even a cap is a wonderful choice of Fleur De Lis clothing because it allows you to show off your trendy fashion style.

The designers of king cakes are really getting creative with the Fleur De Lis theme. Shirts offering rhinestone studded Fleur De Lis are the most popular style of these great shirts. Other deigns bearing the Fleur De Lis is screen print and the latest style is foil prints. Many designs also incorporate other backgrounds and motifs that are used along with the beautiful Fleur De Lis making grand fashion statements.

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