Smoking War in Company Management Cares about Writers’ Health is proud to be one of the most caring academic services both to its customers and writers alike. Numerous events intended to ease the psychological burden and throw off the stress of a writer’s job are arranged on a regular basis in the office of the company. However, this month company management starts a campaign that is somewhat unusual even for To be in tune with the times and caring about the health of its employees, the administration has decided to declare war on smoking.

“We have been planning our actions for more than a month,” says chief of the staff department. “You know, if we would just ban smoking during the work time, I doubt our writers would consider it as care.” Therefore, monetary bonuses are proposed to all those who can refrain from smoking for the whole day.

Yet, several writers argue the policy of the company. “It’s not that I’m eager to poison myself with fumes,” says one of the writers. “It’s very pressing to write again and again even if you have your own office and a comfortable chair. Sometimes you need to walk a bit, to go somewhere just to change the scenery. This helps in summoning the Muse greatly.” “But it is not forbidden to go somewhere,” answers the CEO. “Generally speaking, no one even tries to forbid smoking. It’s just we encourage those who care about their health.”

While the situation is rather disputable now, time will show the future of the management initiative. We will report later as the story unfolds. Additional information on the news and services of the company can be found at the website. is an academic writing company that unites researchers and professional academic writers offering a wide variety of services to students. Starting with theoretical help and extensive guides and finishing with writing model papers provides comprehensive academic support.

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