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September 25, 2010- Are you are planning to construct a new building? Is a renovation, addition or re-remodeling in your plans? If yes, Minch Construction is a professional and experienced general contractor in New York City. With 20 years of experience in the field of general contracting, they understand the requirement of each process and provide construction delivery options. Minch construction provides unique construction services through its talent of integrity, innovation and opportunity. It ranks among top construction company in NYC. New renovated and creative construction has put an impressive mark on NYC history. It is recognized for its outstanding safety record.

Various successful projects like SOHO Loft renovation, Brooklyn Townhouse spiral, Manhattan apartment renovation have made a huge success in NYC. Minch’s service includes millwork services; they have 5000 square foot millwork manufacturing facility for this service. Apart from this they are also skilled in cabinet making, apartment renovation and remodeling. They believe the process of construction should be simple by generating choices for you and solutions for your business. For each and every project, a team of skilled contractors are assembled to plan creative solution for the project. The vision of Minch Construction is to deliver quality construction services to meet your desire and business need.

If you are thinking of construction, renovation or remodeling to give a unique and modern look to your home or business, go for Minch Construction in New York City. They are dedicated professional to change the look of your house. They are group of licensed full service general contractor operating in New York City with pride, for over 20 years. The charges are reasonable and affordable, but the quality of work they provide is priceless. The impressive reputation has made them one of the recognized construction companies in NYC.

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