Applies Gunning Fog Index to Improve Writing Clarity takes the quality of our writers’ output very seriously. In light of our attention to detail, it is natural that we have added another layer to our quality reviews. Using internally developed software, we will apply the Gunning Fog Index to all orders. This algorithm, developed in the 1950s, generates a numeric score indicating readability. Our writers welcome this new feedback as a means of achieving greater clarity and precision for our customers.

Robert Gunning was a 1950s book publisher who believed that everyone could write clearly. His calculation involves counting all the multi-syllabic words, and the number of words in each sentence. The result, with some mathematical massaging, tells us what level of education one would need in order to read and understand the text. has adapted this to finicky manual process to operate on digital documents. The outcome of this innovation will be swift and concrete feedback for writers that gives guidance in how to avoid cumbersome or confusing passages or whole papers. Such missteps occur when a writer struggles to express a complex idea. We know our customers will benefit immensely.

The company devotes substantial effort to writer development, and this is another example. You can learn more about prior initiatives by visiting

About Us: has been building a team of skilled writers for some years now, and has consistently invested in improving and perfecting their capabilities in similar fashion. The effect has been very gratifying, based on customer testimonials. Whatever projects our customers grapple with, we have the professionals to ready to apply their editing and writing skills. Our clients expect and get personalized help, whether with proofing or cradle-to-grave support.

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