Writers Mark John Lennon’s 70th With Close Study celebrates the music of John Lennon, and its context for his 70th birthday with seminars, lots of affectionate listening, and amateur performances.

John Lennon’s music, whether alone or with the Beatles, formed a backdrop to an entire generation. It is hardly surprising, then, that when staff realized that Lennon’s 70th was this year, they scrambled to mount a musical and historical retrospective. The scholarly aim was to examine Lennon’s music in the context of his predecessors and those he influenced, both socially and musically. writers will take any excuse to put on a seminar and research something they enjoy. It is this love of knowledge that allows us to help so many customers out of their difficulties with writing projects.

This was a more relaxed seminar series than most. Anyone with instrumental skill tried to play Beatles songs, and their recordings were on the PA system. For a few days, we resurrected the dreamy atmosphere of the 60’s and 70’s, although not with the help of illicit mind-altering substances.

Our writers split up the topics. One person covered the influence of early blues and traditional music (what we call blue grass today). Another addressed Lennon’s legacy and impact on later music. Still a third discussed the social milieu out of which the Liverpudlians arose. It was a feast for the ears and the mind.

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