Successful results being achieved in Outpatient detox and drug rehabilitation

The Delray Florida Addiction Treatment outpatient detox center is showing remarkable success with their combination of therapies being employed to treat addictive disorders. These are not only confined to alcoholic and narcotic addiction but extend to eating disorders and other harmful behavioural problems.

Substance abuse and addiction are curses of the current time. Alcohol is available everywhere and narcotic substances have flooded the streets, schools and colleges of our great nation. Peer pressure, boredom and a multitude of other factors are in play but the result of it is that there are all sorts of addictive and behavioural problems.

Not everyone who drinks becomes a drunkard. Just about everybody will at some time of their life have over indulged and mis-behaved while drunk. Usually this is not a regular occurrence and they can stop drinking alcohol at any time. For most people the consumption of alcohol is a pleasant pastime indulged in only moderately.

Some, however, will find that alcohol starts dominating their life. This is not healthy and if allowed to persist could destroy the family, the employment, the future prospect of the individual concerned.

Chemical substances are a much greater problem. Many recreational drug users are quite able to snort the odd line of coke or take the odd tab of this or that, experience a “high” and then, when they come down or off the associated low move on. Sadly an apparently higher percentage of these users succumb to addiction. This becomes problematic and time in a rehab center may help break the problem but too often there are relapses.

Some people have a greater potential of becoming addicted than others. Not sure why that is but certain personalities find solace is using a substance or drinking to excess and end up needing aid. Florida drug rehabilitation center is familiar with all the problems and are achieving great success with their outpatient treatments.

They are using Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral therapy as and essential part of the treatment of their patients. These are developments which have stemmed from great results when treating eating disorders like Anorexia and Bulimia and some other border line behavioral problems but have now been found to be successful in the treatment of other addictions.

Outpatient detox is of course a fairly new and only really works if the patient themselves is committed to overcoming their addiction to opiates, alcohol and other substances. It is naturally far more cost effective as in house treatments have to charge a lot more for the accommodation and nursing care provided.

The Delray clinic assesses each individual’s specific needs and then designs their treatment at the Florida addiction treatment center specifically for that patient. It has been shown that many patients who have had treatment elsewhere and relapsed actually successfuly respond to the therapies at the rehab center and are finally able to live free of addiction.

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