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Survey of Students’ ‘Most Coveted’ Workplaces . . But Why So Few Law Student Participants To Tell Us The Best Law Firms?

The recent survey showing “the most coveted employers” among university graduates has taken its Top 100 survey showing the requisite law firm component.

But despite Chapman Tripp trumpeting it’s top rating, only 8 per cent of the 2200 student participants were lawyers.

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The GradNewZealand survey was taken in 2019 and is a first in New Zealand, based upon similar surveys in Australia, the UK and elsewhere.

Taken across 2200 student participants it is designed to identify ‘the most attractive graduate employers’ in the country.

The open-ended query is designed, so the survey designers say, to permit students to take into account whatever factors they consider to be important in terms of employment.

Around 32 per cent of the respondents were from the finance/accounting space with over 20 per cent from engineering and computer sciences.

Only 8 per cent were law students.

The Most Favoured Law List

Although no reason for the lack of lawyers is provided, it might be assumed that few had actually had experience working for law firms via summer clerk or other programmes.

Chapman Tripp announced in a statement about how delighted they are that their graduate programme and the ‘authentic experience’ they provide is duly recognised as they ‘lead the pack’.

And the firms that missed out on the list, such as Dentons Kensington Swan, Anderson Lloyd and Simpson Grierson to name three, can take solace in the fact that the survey stats was super light on law numbers.

LawFuel will shortly be undertaking our own survey of law firm associates to determine the most popular workplaces, but until then we must be satisfied with the crumbs from the GradNZ survey so far as law firm popularity is concerned.

And the top law firms are –

  1. Chapman Tripp (coming in at number 26 overall)
  2. Bell Gully (30)
  3. Russell McVeagh (56)
  4. Duncan Cotterill (58)
  5. Minter Ellison Rudd Watts (79)
  6. Buddle Findlay (100)

For those interested in the top five, they are Vodafone, Air New Zealand, Xero, Beca and PwC.

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