Gothenburg, Sweden, March 22, 2011– SysTools informs the users that the Process to Recover Excel database has reached the higher level now as with the use of Excel Recovery software, users can perform Excel file recovery from all the causes of corruption including texts, hyperlinks, charts, comments, images, external link formulas, merged cells, groups, subtotals etc. Using this software, Users can recover excel file exactly like original Excel file after corruption with outlines, width, height, border style, page formatting, deleted data links, page formatting, pattern etc. This software also allows the users to execute Excel Recovery on encrypted Excel file if password is known to the users.
Evan Swans (Director of SysTools Software Group) says,” We make our utility programs after great research and development for providing Output of higher quality to the users”. Excel Recovery utility program is also made after great research and development for executing the process to recover excel file with higher quality.
Excel Recovery software can perform Excel Recovery from all the causes of corruption. This software can also recover badly damaged Excel file with higher quality. It can easily resolve all the errors related to corruption or damage of PST file. Users recover actual PST file like original PST file after corruption or damage.

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