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The Book
Judith Fordham has worn zebra print shoes into a courtroom, represented transvestites, bikies, murderers and alleged rapists and raised four
children as a single mother. Life, Law and Not Enough Shoes is her story, from her early life of struggling on welfare with four children to becoming a highly successful barrister and associate professor. Her bold approach to her life and career is inspiring, and her stories about the world of crime and justice are fascinating. She recounts the story of the well-known baby shaking case, and other strange clients she has represented over the years.

There are also the shoes such as using a pink stiletto healed phone in her early career (much to the annoyance of her then boss) to the State Director of Public Prosecutions sipping champagne out of her own designer shoe. In this
entertaining book Judith Fordham shares her love of life, law and, of course, shoes.

The Author
Judith Fordham is a successful barrister and associate professor of forensic science at
Murdoch University. She appears on the radio and gives presentations about forensic law. She lives in Perth.

Target Market
Anyone interested in Australian law, forensic law,
criminology, true crime and autobiography.

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