The Best Penny Stocks to Buy and The Coming Oil Boom

This year, even this month could be a turning point for America as major technologies and oil shale discoveries, along with an upturn in employment, serve to create new jobs and new wealth for America.

The best penny stocks to buy this year (and next) could be those related to the major oil discoveries that have recently occurred, according to a post in which looks at a situation whereby new technology has permitted oil reserves in the US to be developed, along with new oil discoveries, such that US oil dependence has dropped below 15 per cent for the first time in as many years. believes that the best penny stocks to buy may be in the area of oil, but not in drilling but rather int he ancillary businesses that support the coming oil boom – such as engineering, chemicals, supplies and other areas that will benefit hugely from the new wealth to come.

See for details on the penny stocks to pick when looking at stock market investment and using solid advice to benefit from the oil boom.

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