The Bloody Legal Fight For Football Doctor Carneiro

carneiro legal fight

Football is a tough and competitive sport – very controversial too it would seem with recent FIFA controversies – but their legal battles can be just as tough, as former Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro is finding out.

Caneiro is doing battle with the big league football club and has hired some equally big league lawyers: the firm that repped Princess Diana. Mischon de Reya represents Ms Caneiro in her action against Chelsea, as well as in her fight against Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho personally.

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Carneiro came under fire from Chelsea boss Mourinho following the opening game of the season, when she ran on to the pitch to treat Eden Hazard, temporarily reducing the Blues to nine men, according to Britain’s Daily Mirror.

She didn’t appear on the bench subsequently, and has since left the club.

The firm, rated as one of London’s best for employment law, became famous in 1996 when Anthony Julius represented Diana in her divorce proceedings

Mischon de Reyna have won multiple awards in recent years, including law firm of the year prizes in 2012 and 2013.

Mourinho is set to be subject of an individual legal claim from Carneiro – in addition to the action she is bringing against the Blues.

The claim against Mourinho will be on the basis that he was instrumental in the actions against Carneiro in having her dropped from first-team duties and effectively demoted.

Mourinho was cleared of using discriminatory language towards her following an investigation by the Football Association, which caused further controversy after Carneiro revealed she had not been spoken to personally during the investigation, nor asked to provide any statement.

The legal fight and the lawyers will be as closely watched in this off-pitch battle as many on-field football games are played.

Source: Daily Mirror

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