The BP Chief Executive, Lord Browne, was forced to resign after cour…

The BP Chief Executive, Lord Browne, was forced to resign after court documents showed that he had committed potential offences, for which he could be charged. What were they?

Lied to the High Court about how he met his former lover, Jeff Chevalier, whom he said he had met while “exercising in Battersea Park”;

— Used BP resources and staff to set up a company for his boyfriend;

— Attempted to “trash” the reputation of Mr Chevalier in court by claiming that he was a drug user and alcoholic;

— Allegedly told Mr Chevalier details about his discussions on BP’s strategy with Mr Blair and Gordon Brown

The documents give details of a series of meetings which Lord Browne, 59, allegedly had with the Prime Minister, the Chancellor and Peter Mandelson, the European Trade Commissioner.

Mr Chevalier, 27, claimed that these involved discussions about the prospect of BP taking an “important strategic decision”. The Chancellor also allegedly opposed a “scheme for the benefit of BP’s customers”. Mr Blair is also believed to have asked Lord Browne how much each could expect to earn in the City after the Prime Minister’s expected resignation next week.

Lord Browne said yesterday that the allegations against him were “full of misleading and erroneous claims”. “I have always regarded my sexuality as a personal matter, to be kept private. My initial witness statements, however, contained an untruthful account about how I first met Jeff. This is a matter of deep regret . . . It was retracted and corrected.”

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