The Human Identification E-Symposium will be held online on the 14 Apr…

The Human Identification E-Symposium will be held online on the 14 April 2005. Its international outreach, cutting edge topics and line-up of world-renowned experts already makes it one of the ‘must-attend’ fixtures of this year for the legal, law enfrocement and academic communities.

February 13, 2005 -LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – The Forensic Institute, in conjunction with e-symposium are presenting, as part of their international web conference series, the 1st International Human Identification E-Symposium (HumID 2005). It will be held online, on the 14 April 2005 and if you can”t make the date, don”t worry – the entire web conference will be made available via a presentation archive which will be go live 48 hours after the event (for over 12 months).

The theme of the E-Symposium – “Bridging the Gap between Science and Law” -addresses one of the most pressing challenges the scientific, law enforcement and legal communities face today. This high profile event aims to stimulate and feed the triangle of the scientific, law enforcement and legal communities with cutting edge knowledge delivered by world-renowned speakers.

The Human Identification E-Symposium will cover indispensable topics such as DNA technologies, DNA evaluation, legal considerations of DNA, fingerprint technology, fingerprint evaluation, legal considerations of fingerprints, facial recognition, multi-modal systems, mass disaster victim identification and feature high-profile round tables debating issues such as the “Bayesian Approach to Evidence Evaluation” and “Fingerprints – Science or Not”.

Speakers include world-renowned experts such as Prof. David L. Faigman, Prof. Bernard Robertson , Dr. Ian Evett, Dr. John M. Butler, Dr. Peter Gill, Dr. Bruce Budowle, Dr. John Buckleton, Prof. David H. Kaye, Prof. Christophe Champod, Prof. Michael Saks, Simon A. Cole, Prof. Sue Black and more.

If this isn”t enough to convince you, the event is reviewed by Dr. Bob Bramley, Prof. Jim Fraser, Prof. Kenneth G. Furton, Ron Singer, Prof. Pierre Margot, Dr. Erkki Sippola, Prof. Allan Jamieson and Prof. Michael Saks.

Registration for industry professionals is free of charge. “The unique value of our international web conferences is that they cut down the budget and time barriers usually associated with offline conferences”, says Val-Pierre Genton, Managing Director of e-symposium. The free-of-charge strategy is expected to generate attendance levels in excess of 1,000 delegates and create unprecedented knowledge-sharing from experts to delegates. It seems that the E-Symposium covers every angle – not only can delegates attend high quality presentations from the comfort of their own office, but they can also interact with their international colleagues via cutting edge web-based instant messaging technology. Delegates can even create private, secured “rooms” to have closed meetings. With training and travel budgets tight or non-existent, this certainly is deliverance for the legal, law enforcement and academic communities. “Our mission is to facilitate the gathering of industry intelligence and to stimulate international knowledge sharing”, says Val-Pierre Genton. Well, it looks like the Human Identification E-Symposium 2005 does just that.

For more information and to register, visit the HumID 2005 homepage, e-symposium Ltd
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