The Law Firms of Brown & Crouppen and Richard Schwartz & Associates Respond to the Joint FDA-CDC Statement on the Investigation of Cronobacter Bacteria Illness in Babies

ST. LOUIS, Jan 01, 2012 — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control have announced the preliminary laboratory test results of baby formula involved in a recent case where a Cronobacter bacterial infection resulted in the death of Avery Cornett, a 10-day-old baby in Missouri. Three other infants are also known to have contracted the infection.

Avery was born healthy. Avery’s parents fed him with baby formula. They purchased the baby formula, read the manufacturer’s directions and they followed those instructions.

During a routine checkup when he was seven days old, Avery’s parents were told their son was healthy. But the next day, he was sick and his condition deteriorated rapidly. He fell into a coma and died at ten days of age. The cause of Avery’s death was a Cronobacter bacterial infection. Avery’s baby formula was taken by health inspectors for testing.

As the CDC and FDA have stated, Cronobacter bacteria was found in an opened container of powdered infant formula as well as an opened bottle of nursery water. Cronbacter can cause severe bacterial sepsis or meningitis, especially in young infants. Symptoms often start with fever, and usually include poor feeding, crying or listlessness.

St. Louis-based Brown & Crouppen and the Jackson, Mississippi law firm Richard Schwartz & Associates, P.A., represent the family of Avery Cornett.

“We rely on the manufacturers of infant formula to provide the instructions that will allow us to keep the most vulnerable of us, babies, safe,” explains lawyer Terry B. Crouppen. “Avery’s family followed the instructions that the baby formula manufacturer provided.”

Brown & Crouppen and Richard A. Schwartz & Associate urge parents whose babies show Cronobacter symptoms to seek medical attention immediately.

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SOURCE: Brown & Crouppen

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